One of the greatest needs for many of the adults diagnosed with a mental or behavioral disorder is finding permanent, safe, and affordable housing.


Extended Housing, Inc. serves its mission of housing those with mental illness by:

  • ~Managing over 100 residential units all over Lake County
  • ~Developing permanent supportive housing solutions
  • ~Providing residential care services
  • ~Disbursing one-time, "no interest" loans for rental assistance or security deposits
  • ~Housing and supporting homeless households
  • ~Administering housing vouchers


Although we now serve over 500 households per year, there is so much more that we could do. At any given time our waiting list usually contains the names of more than 300 people in need of housing assistance. Your generous support will help us fill the funding gap between our government funding and the overall costs to operate our programs.


Please consider making a recurring gift. Setting up a recurring gift is a convenient, customizable, and cost-effective way to ensure a steady source of support for the programs we provide to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness in our Lake County community. 


Recurring gifts are an easy way to make a big impact for a small amount each month. Any amount will make a difference to the people we serve. Thank you for your support!

Karen McLeod, Executive Director

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